Becoming a Stronger Writer

As I read both of these posts I realize the huge differences between the two. I have gotten a lot better at adding detail and making my posts a lot longer. I have become a strong writer and more comfortable with sharing my writing with the world.Having to write new post every week has challenged me not only to become a better writer , but a better blogger. Now blogging has gotten to be one of my favorite things and I can’t wait to write more about my life.


Seventh Grade

This was going to be one of the hardest years to get through in middle school! I just knew it!

When I first arrived in August I expected that I would have a lot more homework than last year and I would meet some new friends that I would sit with at lunch.

I was correct about both. By the first week we were loaded with tons of homework and I was not very happy about that. I knew I would be staying up late to finish my homework. for example I stayed till about 11:30 PM every night doing Spanish worksheets and dreadful science reading notes. Also on the first day I met some really nice girls that I could see hanging out with me and my friends at lunch and I wanted to get to know them. I have gotten to be really good friends with Stephanie and Irma.

By October the new reality had begun and I was ready for school to be over there was to much homework and too many nights of staying up studying for tests and quiz. I just wanted it to be done and over for good. The weekends with fiends kept me fighting through the year.

Sadly I rarely get very much sleep because I have to study for a quiz or test or I am doing the good old homework. When I do get the chance to sleep I enjoy it and let it last as long as it can.

All though this has been a tough year of seventh grade I have learned :
-How to conjugate verbs in Spanish
-What expository writing is in English
-How to manage time better
-Why writing wonderful poetry is something I enjoy doing

Even though I have been dragging my feet out the door everyday to get to school. I have learned lots of thing and met lots of people. We just have a few more weeks and I am ready to get through it.




Summer is almost here
A time to lay out in the sun
A time where you can play all day

No school
No work
You have freedom

You can sip lemonade
Sit In a chair
Or splash in the pool

Summer is a great time to stay in the sun



Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts

The door is open
We are off and running
My eyes are wandering
Looking for colorful eggs filled with delicious candy

Creamy chocolate
Fruity jelly beans
Crunchy,carmley twix

Hidden Everywhere
Kids pushing each other out of the way
Baskets filled with candy

Having the time of your life

Easter Egg Hunts

My inspiration came from the fun family time I have had on Easter Sunday. Running around searching for eggs. This has become a family tradition. We do this every year. It’s a fun way to get the whole family together. We always let the little kids go first. Then after that we count all our eggs to see who has the most. I love doing it and my favorite part is eating the candy afterwards.
In this poem I used some repetition and some description and detail. I wrote about this because I love Easter and all the candy and getting together with family.


Challenge Week Six: Media And A Memory

American Girl Doll

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my American girl doll. It was one of my most treasured toys of my child hood.

The American girl doll had beautiful hair, a variety of clothes in different colors and patterns,
and she had pretty bright blue, shiny eyes with eyelashes that went on for miles. While I played with her, I felt like it was my best friend and she always listened to me. The American girl doll was my favorite toy of my childhood. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Without it, I wouldn’t having anything to do with my cousin when we were younger. When ever we had a sleep over I would always bring my American girl doll .Then we would dress them up and play with them. I will always remember the great memories I had with my American girl doll.


Favorite Quote

“The world is not a wish granting factory.”
Augustus Waters- Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Augustus said this to Hazel when they were talking about her and her cancer. Augustus told Hazel this, because she wanted him to stay alive, but she also wanted to speak with the author of her favorite book, before she passed on. He tried to tell her that she couldn’t get everything she wanted, but then he gave her his wish from Make-A-Wish foundation, so she could fulfill both wishes. Even though both of her wishes came true, that doesn’t mean that yours will always come true.

This is my favorite quote from Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I love this quote, because it helps me know that even the wishes you want more than anything, don’t always come true. You might come really close to making that wish come true. But, as Augustus Waters said ” The world is not a wish granting factory.” From reading this quote and the book I learned that you don’t always get what you want. Even if you work really, really hard, you won’t always get it, but you might learn something about yourself, and you might find something better.



Need a place to get a nice juicy, cheesy, grilled burger with a side of crispy, greasy, crunchy fries and a rich chocolate shake to go with it? I know a very friendly place to hang out with friends. P.Terry’s is my favorite place to eat a burger on the weekend.

As I look up, I see the bright, white, crystal lights dangling from the bright blue ceiling. Then as I look around, I see juice slowly trickling from freshly cooked burgers that have just come off the nice hot cook top. Then as I close my eyes and listen to the sounds, I hear the fizzing of the soda squirting out of the soda machine. I also hear the sizzling of the freshly pounded meat patties hitting the hot, burning cook top. As I sniff through my nose, I smell the newly chopped potatoes plopping into the oil as they begin to fry into nice crunchy, salty fries.

P.Terry’s is for everyone and it has something that everyone will enjoy. For example, if you are a vegetarian, then you can have a brown rice patty. You also don’t have to use a bun if you are doing the low-carb thing. You can substitute the bun with crispy lettuce. Also, if you have a pet dog, they have dog treats so the dogs wont feel left out after smelling the juicy burgers in the drive thru. Even if you are a little kid, there is a nice sand box outside where you can play. Lastly, if you have a little sweet tooth they have great choices for you to choose from like, a rich creamy milkshake or a big melt in your hand chocolate chip cookie. I highly recommend them.

P.Terry’s also has many different locations. Of course we have the one in Westlake where you can drive thru and grab a bite between activities. The first one I ever visited with my big sister is on Lamar and we sat at the picnic tables outside. I have also been to one near my dad’s office that is right off the freeway. He sometimes brings me dinner from there after dance class. Another one I have been to is down south near Costco. Which ever one you pick, they are all great!
P.Terry’s is a very friendly place and a great place to get a burger. Therefore that is why it’s one of my favorite places in Austin to stop for a bite to eat.



Beauty and the Beast by Walt Disney Animations

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle shows compassion for the Beast by being nice to him, even though he is mean to everyone. She tries to find the good in him. When she finds his good side, she tries to tell everyone that he really is nice on the inside. They need to not focus on what he looks like on the outside, but look deep down and they will find he truly is a nice guy. Everyone just thinks he is mean because he captured her, but as she is kind to him, he shows her that he truly is warm-hearted. Nobody let him show that side before, because they always treated him like a ferocious beast.

The Time I Got Stung by a Bee

Standing in the sizzling, summer, sun
Tiny droplets of lake water slowly trickling down my face

Having the time of my life
Nothing could stop me

Then it hit me

A bee has just stung me
My eyes begin to fog up
Tears trickle down my cheeks

A bee has stung me

The fun has stopped


Why Friends are Forever

“That’s not true you’re a beautiful girl!”, friend one exclaimed. “Well, so-and-so doesn’t agree with that”, friend two responded. “Well, don’t listen to so-and-so, they’re wrong!” friend one stated. “Ok, thanks for cheering me up!”, friend two replied. Friends are forever and always.

When someone is bullying you, or you are having a bad day, friends help cheer you up and make you feel a whole lot better. For example, if a bully tells you that you’re stupid, your friends explain to you that it’s not true. That you shouldn’t listen to them, and what they said is not true. It makes you feel so much better.

When you’re going through personal issues, your friend supports you and helps give you advice to make the right desicion. For example, when you struggle with disappointing your friend because you like a guy that they don’t like. A true friend will be honest and tell you they don’t like him, but they will tell you in a nice way so they don’t hurt your feelings. They will also tell you that they will still be your friend no matter what you decide to do.

Friends help you make the right decision and help you get through rough times in your life. Even though you may move on to new places later on in life, your friends will help you grow stronger along the way.Therefore this is why friends are forever and always.